The Land of Dragor: The Gift of Charms by Julia Suzuki – Review

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The Gift of Charms is the debut novel in The Land of Dragor. Head over to The Land of Dragor and explore the interactive map of Dragor and discover which dragon clan you come from!

Julia Suzuki’s first novel will be out later this year. Connect with Julia  @JuliaSuzuki_uk in the mean time check back here for an interview closer to the release date.  Learn a little more about Julia from her Goodreads profile.

The Quick Review:

The Gift of Charms is a heartwarming adventure.  I loved this read from start to finish. Reading this book was like watching a kid’s television program like Arthur, Curious George, or Thomas and Friends. This is a perfect story for children of all ages, especially boys from 6-10.  The Land of Dragor is a great, dragon filled adventure that is very educational and will send a great message to kids.

The Longer Review:

The land of Dragor is a magical land, yet incredibly human.  Dragor is a land filled with Dragon Clans, each with special skills and gifts. The reader follows Yoshiko, a young red dragon in the Nephan clan, who is different from other dragons.  Yoshiko’s journey constantly reminded me of times from my childhood, and made me feel very reminiscent. So many children face the same problems Yoshiko faced in his story. This story is so easy to connect with and understand on a personal level.

This story has the potential to go anywhere. Suzuki can take it in any number of exciting directions. The story involves humans, a mysterious race to the dragons, at the very end. Adding humans as the mythical race is a rare concept. I am eager to see what direction the story will go in the next Dragor adventure.

The Writing:

Julia Suzuki’s writing is perfect for The Gift of Charms intended age group.  It is a written in a way that is fun and exciting for all ages, but written so a young audience can understand and connect with the story.

The Characters:

Julia Suzuki refreshes the YA fantasy genre by creating a story and character cast made entirely of dragons. The closes I have read to Dragons as main characters is the Inheritance (Eragon) Cycle.   Eragon still fits in with many Dragon based story lines.  The land of Dragor brings on a great new perspective; making dragons the characters and giving them a day to day life that is entirely human, rather than primitive or magical.


I loved it! The book of charms is a quick read and a good story for all ages. It is a wonderful start to a series that could be great. This would be a great story to read aloud with your kids (or read yourself if you don’t have any!)


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3 responses to “The Land of Dragor: The Gift of Charms by Julia Suzuki – Review

  1. Thanks Will, for you review. Glad you enjoyed it


  2. Thanks Will, glad you enjoyed it. JS


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