Differences between Scorch Trials Book and Movie

Let’s start off by saying the Maze Runner book was awesome, and so was the movie, but they were very different from start to finish. The plots stayed roughly the same so the end of the movie ended up in the same place as the book.

I went into The Scorch Trials movie expecting it to be different. IT WAS. I mean totally, crazily, incredibly different. The movie kept me on the edge of my seat, I was captivated watching a story unfold that I have not read before.

Okay, lets get into some differences now. I couldn’t possibly remember them all. And the endings are so different I can’t even list all the things!

-Things that changed in book 1 that carry over (Like no telepathic link between Thomas and Teresa) Don’t change. Check out my original Differences In the Maze Runner post

-Teresa is still the betrayer, she just does it differently…..

-The safe haven is an actual base where a resistance group called The Right Hand exist and fight WCKD.

Thomas finds some crazy s*** in the Compound in the first 5 minutes

-The kids get transported to a compound with a whole bunch of other Gladers in it.  Boys, girls, 60 of them at least and all from different Mazes. No group A, no Group B.

-Teresa doesn’t get separated and switched with Aris. Aris remains a character who joins the group though.

-Teresa is not evil (then good, then evil, then good, etc.) and she ends up traveling with the boys the entire book.

Yup, that’s all of them. Definitely not 20 Gladers

Only Minho, Newt, Winston, Fry Pan, Thomas, Teresa and Aris travel through the scorch. No other Gladers escape the compound.

-No Flat Trans, No rat man behind a screen (although there is a white suit guy in the compound.)

-We find out in the first 5 minutes exactly what WCKD is doing with the gladers after the maze.

-THE SCORCH IS NOT A TRIAL. Ironic since it is still the title of the movie

These Don’t exist

-No underground tunnel, no liquid metal head-cutting-off ball creatures. None of the popping ball creatures at the end.

-They have tattoos on their necks. They are just bar-codes, no words on them.


-The Flare is a disease that takes over a person quickly. They are pretty much fast Zombies

-All the Gladers are immune. Except Winston…..

-WICD has a whole bunch of soldiers shoot up Jorge’s building (which the Gladers find after traveling through the city, not before). We get some Michael Bay type explosions in there as Jorge and the Gladers and Thoms and Brend get separated.

Pretty sure that’s a big gun there

-These two are obvious from screen shots. Jorge is old and Brenda has Short hair.

-There are working vehicles in the Scorch, and plenty of guns.

-Lastly (for this post anyway) There is no way Maze Runner: The Death Cure can be in any way like the book. I haven’t read it yet, but the movie ending was so different from the book that it is impossible.

Let me know what you all thought were the big differences I missed! There are too many to count. Did you like the movie or book better?

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  1. Hildegard

    Good to see reviews again. Enjoyed reading both.


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