The Angels are back- The Afterlife book 2

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The 1-line Review:

A sequel as good as the first; solidifying The Afterlife Series as a series worth reading.

The longer review:

The Taking doesn’t disappoint; avoiding the sequel slump that can often stymie a series. The addition of a grumpy old protagonist adds an unexpected depth to the mix of characters. He is a needed balance to the amount of millennial thickheaded-ness  Aurora and Cindy bring to the table. (As a millennial myself, I hope the world doesn’t think we all act like them.) Aurora’s decision making doesn’t drive as much of the plot in book two as it did in book one; this is a big plus for the story line.

The story has a gradual build up in intensity ending in a great fight seen finish. The ending was full of action packed surprises and more of that lovely decision making by Aurora. Aurora does some crazy things in the end and again gets reprimanded by the arch angels.  Honestly, one of my biggest gripes is that I was truly excited for her to in trouble, but her punishment felt week compared to what I thought she deserved. Dang that girl got off way to easy.

Anyway all the other fledgling side angel characters don’t appear in this story, and the remaining characters all grow in depths from book one. There still is all the tendon ripping, bone breaking fighting you can take. And leave it to Aurora to have this lingering love triangle make its way from start to finish.

Bottom Line:

If you liked the first you will like the second. If you held off reading the first, i’d say this is a series worth getting into.

Where the book lost a star:

The prologue. I new right when I saw the word that points were coming off. The Ethan surprise would have been much better as bomb drop we didn’t know about in the middle of the story. Instead, we knew before the whole book got started. I have never been a fan of prologues, they almost always can be woven into the story in a better portrayal.

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