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R. Barri Flowers - Out For Blood (Transylvanica High Series)

3 responses to “Book Reviews

  1. Hi my name is Venus Morales, I am the author of The Hybrid. I would like to know if you are currently taking request for reviews? If so please email me back. Here’s are some links to my novel that will give you a better concept about my books bio and myself.
    I truly hope you are willing to take on this review. I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Venus Morales

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  2. HI, my name is Gigi Sedlmayer and i am the author of the Talon series. I have published up to now 5 books and i am writing at the 6.
    would you be interested to review my books? Please let me know.
    Here is the link in amazon. so you can have a look. They are for all ages.

    I look forward hearing from you.


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