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Out for Blood: Not enough to Bite Into

R. Barri Flowers - Out For Blood (Transylvanica High Series)

Three Gold Stars / Five

Here, learn some more stuff about this book:

The 1-line Review:

Book two felt much like the first and did not build upon the series like it should have.

The longer review:

I read this a while ago and failed to write the review. Part of that was because it just didn’t leave an impression on me. I don’t remember the exact details of the book anymore, but I still remember my overall feeling toward it.

The first in this series was pretty good, decent story and characters. The end really built up well to something more. Alas, that build up did not amount to anything in out for blood. I thought out for blood was going to amount to something bigger than the high school problems of vampire teenagers. The plot was similar to the first book. In one book a mysterious vampire was attacking humans, in the other novel an unknown human was attacking vampires.  Both stories happened to similarly to feel different.

The character relationships didn’t seem to build off of the last book. There were some new characters and relationships but no real forward progress.

The end salvaged the story and gives the series another chance to grow to much more than it did in Out For Blood. I hope the story can get back on a good track in the next installment.

Worn Out Word:

The phrase “Ivan and Amelia, Kula’s Vampire Protectors”

this phrase was tough for me after awhile. Ivan and Amelia were introduced like this several times in the first book. We get it by the second book, but they were introduced like this from start to finish. Every single time the characters showed up, start to finish, they were introduced as Kula’s Vamp protectors…every….time…..

Bottom Line:

 If you liked the first one give it a shot. I will read a third book if R Barri Flowers writes one. For me, this one fell short.

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Learning How to be a Vampire


The Quick Review:
Count Dracula’s series Teenage Daughter is the first book in what could be a very exciting series. The start of the Transylvanica High series has a mix of Vampire Academy and True Blood (minus all the rated R stuff), but is a unique story and in no way a copycat to either. The first book is geared toward female readership, not to the level of Twilight though. There is a possibility that it take a turn away from the love story and move more towards action in later books, but we have to wait and see.

Story Summary
Sixteen-year-old Kula Lockhart has been living in the town of Harbor Heights, Michigan, for two months now, after moving there with her adopted mom from Cheyenne, Wyoming. She attends Transylvanica High School–one of several integrated pilot schools across the country where human and vampire students peacefully coexist.
Kula has no problem with the human-vampire bonding because she has always believed in equality among the living and the living dead.
But she is caught completely off guard upon learning that she is the half human daughter of Count Dracula, leader of the oldest and most powerful vampire clan.
She soon discovers that there are some sworn to protect her and others out to get her.
Someone is killing vampires and Kula fears she may be on the hit list. Staying alive becomes a priority as she adjusts to her birthright.
She also has a hot human boyfriend named Eriq. Will he accept her for who she is?

The Longer Review:
I want to see where this series leads. I think book one was good. It felt like a well written build up to start off a series. I anticipate the second in the series ramping up the action at a faster pace now that the grounds have been set for the series.

The Transylvanica high series mixes classic vampire lore with a fresh take on vampires in society. Count Dracula’s Teenage Daughter is not another rehash of stories I have read and is very different from the popular Vampire Academy Series. It has the whole school with vampires feel like Vampire Academy, but with a True Blood like version of Vampires being accepted into society. (It does not have any aspects of True Blood Adult aspects, the book is safe for young ages!)

Flowers did well introducing a cast of characters and adding in level of personality and relations ships. Most of the book focused on builds these (antagonist and protagonist) relationships, as well as Kula’s entry into the world of being a vampire. Some suspense and mystery is involved, with a decent surprise finish in the end.

The Vampires seem pretty standard. Fangs retract, silver and wood kill them, and they have to feed on blood. They can compel humans, and anyone they turn into a vampire becomes their sire: pretty standard stuff. What is different is the school. Transylvanica high is not your standard hush-hush secret vampire school. It is one of the first human-vampire integrated schools in America. Vampires have made a treat with humans, blood drives supply the vampire’s food sources, and they can become function members of society.

The story centers around new student Kula coming to Transylvanica high for the first time. As the title implies, she finds out she is Count Dracula’s Daughter and gets roped into two possible feuds. One feud vs. the rival vampire clan, and one vs. human opposition to vampires in society. It is yet to be seen if both these story lines develop at the same time or at different speed. Either will be exciting and I hope for a mix of both.


Nice opening to a series. Definitely a series that can stand out from others later in the series.  I would recommend this book for girls preteen to teenage girls.



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