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Insurgent is an aggressive version of High School Musical

The 1-line Review:

I want to dislike this series but can’t. The plot is like trying to catch water in a net and I think the dystopian society is to simplified, but for a second time this series has kept me turning pages.

The longer review:

Yes I know this book just became a movie, but I’m going to review it anyway. What can I say, better late than never. I think Veronica Roth is a great writer because I don’t love the plot line but I like this story. I don’t see how such a large society can divide themselves into such simplified factions. There’s a fight club, a book club, a debate team, a Model United Nations, and farmers. If you have any personality whatsoever you get to be homeless, so naturally there’s a whole c**p-load of homeless people (so it really is like chicago, which has one of the highest homeless populations in the U.S.)

So the plot is that the queen of the book club decided she wants to kill everyone. First thing she had to do was destroy Model UN by brain washing fight club, logical first step since everyone know Model UN isn’t real anyway. Then half of fight club decide to think a little and feel like that wasn’t cool. So they go hide with the debate team. The queen of book club talks with the debate team leader for about 2 minutes before he decided to let the book club use his entire debate team as brainwashed zombies too. Clearly the debate team needs more practice negotiating. Then the half of the fight club we are supposed to root for team up with the homeless personality squad and invade book clubs library. Then, in a stroke of surprising mid altering plot twists, the homeless people take over because they hate being homeless. Then everyone watches a Nat Geo documentary and gets pissed off. Slap a cliffhanger on the end and Boom you got a book.

Bottom Line:

Read it, you’ll probably enjoy it. If your in high school just watch the movie and pretend you read it when you talk about it.


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