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The Last Stored by Sonia Poynter- Review

Here, learns some more stuff about this book:

Will’s winning chapter: 14-Jessimn the Healer, (Honorable mention: 31, 31)

Will’s winning character: Lin

Will’s worn out word: giggle

The 1-line Review:

An enjoyable quest/destiny high-fantasy that would have been perfected with just a touch more depth in a couple places.

The longer review:

I would specifically recommend this novel to girls that enjoy or are just getting into fiction fantasy. The Last stored has adventure, tension, some mystery, and a few budding romances mixed into an excellent high fantasy. The story has a Lord of the Rings meets Immortal Bones kind of feel. (Don’t read that as two stories blended into one, more like little ingredients similar in feel blended together in a new recipe)

The book would fall under the christian high fantasy genre. I enjoy christian fantasy when the allegory is more subtle. Poynter does an excellent job at incorporating her faith in subtle, enjoyable ways. (Subtle vs not subtle christian authors: Wayne Thomas Batson:subtle, Christopher Hopper: NOT subtle.)–hopefully this gives you a perspective on what I mean if you enjoy christian fantasy yourself.

Sonia Poynter’s novel The Last stored is a great debut novel for a new upcoming novel. She creates an alternate world filled with color and dimension past what can visually understand here on earth. Her character cast in not overly large or too small and I enjoyed many of the supporting cast. My favorite character was the supporting protagonist Lin; I actually think i found her and her relationship with Chaney(another support protagonist) more exciting that the main characters Amber and Cree. (Adventures of Lin spinoff!)

The main characters Amber  and Cree alternate chapters in first person to give a great perspective on the same story. the characters really evolve as a team as they journey together through the story.  Amber is the unsuspecting destiny child with great potential power. She is protected by Cree, the highly trained and sworn protector who has the ability to ride the wind, be invisible, and sense others energies. Cree is called a “Wind Rider” and his ability is called “blowing out,” very cool name for a power 🙂

The book culminates to a great  fight seen in the end. I found it to be the high point of the book (The end should be the most exciting part). Some fantasies have a lack luster ending, but this is not the case here!

Bottom Line:

The Last Stored is a great new high fantasy that I would highly recommend for girls on any age that enjoy christian fiction-fantasy. Very worth the read and I would suspect more in this series to come.

If you want my critiques of the book read on….

Where the book lost a star:

For this book it was all minor points and not a major plot issue. (That is a good thing!)

  • I think the very colorful world became less descriptive as the story went on. The world is vastly different from earth and I wanted to here more of the settings.
  • Much of Amber and Crees feeling toward each other were explained very staccato-like. Ex. “I love that about her.”  I wish there was a bit more poetic-ness about it, and that the the character relied more on there actions portraying there affections rather than there thoughts on each other. I think this is why I enjoyed the Lin-Chaney romance more, because we could only see in through Cree and Amber’s perspective.
  • The characters do much traveling and avoiding conflict. I would of liked to see one or two more Moriavis(dragon) or Ague(mindless soldiers) attack on the traveling group.
  • Amber was consistently referred to by her full name and the people of Tali said that is how they do it, but Fej, Dartlin, Fink, Lin, Chaney, Lorthis were never referred to by there full name from what I can remember.

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