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The Son of Sobek-by Rick Riordan

The Son of Sobek is a long needed crossover of Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Kane Chronicles; written in the point of view of Carter Kane, who unknowingly crosses paths with Percy Jackson. The two boys have to team up to defeat a Pegasai eating crocodile wearing an Egyptian necklace.

The whole story could have easily been a few chapters in either of the main characters main books. Humorous and light hearted despite a creature trying to kill the both of them. Riordan opens the door for the two boys’ storylines to merge into (I’m hoping) a crossover trilogy or series of some sort. That would be awesome.

My critique and reason for the 3.5 stars can’t be said without spoilers, so here goes it.
Spoiler Time………
The all intelligent, ever studious, Carter Kane cannot put two and two together and just assume Percy Jackson is of Greek origin. He went on for half the book talking about how they were so similar, but unfamiliar. They both talk about monsters and gods, but in different ‘dialects’ (Greek terminology vs Egyptian.) But by the end of the story, the two boys decide it is best not to tell each other their origins.

I can believe Percy is none the wiser; he needs Annabeth to teach him Greek history. I don’t expect him to know a lick of Egyptian history. But Carter claims he could probably discover what it all means, but he shouldn’t dig. Carter is a book worm, he should be more aware than most high school age students on a little bit of Greek history. I don’t buy into the play dumb card that Riordan used for Carter. This is as bad as Clark Kent taking off his glasses and no one can figure out he is Superman.

An Annabeth and Sadie short story just came out. I am anticipating much more from that short story. Annabeth should have no problem figuring out what Carter Kane failed to.

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